Monday, July 6, 2009

English 10 Memories

During my sophomore year I grew more to be a student than someone who didn't care about school like in my freshman year. I started to use my time wisely and started to pass in assignments. Freshman year I was failing through the whole year and during my sophomore year I started to pass a few quarters but failed because I didn't wake up to my alarm clock so I missed the bus to take my final.

The aspects I found enjoyable was the friends I had in class. This class was full of funny people lots of stories were told about there past experiences. The time I'm going to remember is what my goal was, it was that I had to make Mrs DeRaps laugh four times this year. I met my goal, now its time to make new ones. I enjoyed when we did the found poems with the horoscope signs because it tells me what my sign means. I like this assignment because I have the need to be creative and that assignment does that. The assignment was fun, creative and it was easy for me.

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